Warhammer 40,000 Ork Meganob With Buzzsaw Review

As I’m all in on McFarlane’s Warhammer line, I’ve been looking forward to them getting into the freakier characters in the Warhammer universe. So along comes a Meganob.

The Meganob combines ugly big-toothed green-skinned ork aesthetics with twisted technopunk accoutrements into a futuristic apocalyptic funhouse. The Meganob comes in two variations: buzzsaw and “shoota.” The idea of a tech-encrusted troll creature going absolute batshit on anything and everything with a pair of buzzsaws at the end of his arms sounds like everything I wanted as a kid. But these didn’t exist in action figure form back then.

The Meganob is a larger scale Mega action figure, which means the figure is a huge chunk and the box it comes in takes up a lot of real estate. It also means a price increase from the regular 19.99 (or less) that the Warhammer line has been hovering at for the bulk of releases. With the thicker nature of the toy, the price increase is understandable. More or less.

The one drawback to the thick style of this figure is the slight articulation hit it takes. The elbows and knees are only single jointed, and you lose the bicep swivel. The buzzsaws do rotate at the forearm area, and the hips, shoulders and ankles all work decently, if a touch more stunted here and there. Frankly, a toy with this particular chunkiness is going to have some articulation issues, but considering the fact that I thought he had no elbow articulation at all when I first opened him up, you can work around some of the shortcomings. Mainly, I really miss the bicep swivel. If that could have been kept, I wouldn’t have any problems with his mobility.

The buzzsaws themselves do not spin, just to get that out of the way. I was kind of expecting them to—maybe foolishly–but they’re a solid part of the entire apparatus.  

There is a ton of sculpted detail, and a lot of excellent paintwork all over the figure, no doubt adding to the inflated price. There’s drybrushing on all the metal parts, giving it a scratched and dinged feel. The mouth, including those never-been-brushed teeth, is particularly nasty. There’s a little paint slop around his mouth, but it looks like dried blood, so it actually works in his favor.

The mouthguard and backpack thing come separate in the package. I had to heat the fanged mouthguard up to get it to attach properly, and then I had to heat up the figure’s back to get the backpack to peg in, but they seem to be staying in fine now that they’re in. I was not getting them in without heat, though.

This figure nails a certain vibe that I’ve wanted in action figure form. Warhammer has never been a property that I’ve ever had the time to do a deep dive into, but I’ve appreciated the designs on a surface level ever since I first saw a few of the miniatures. That whole Heavy Metal magazine, Jodorowskyesque feel is probably why I loved GWAR’s shtick. Seems like there would be a meganob in their band.

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