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I can’t believe 2022 is almost here. I can’t believe 2021 is almost gone. It has been a handful of very messed up years that don’t seem to be unmessing themselves any time soon, but…toys. There are still toys. There are always toys.

So many toys. So many that have come out, and so many that are on their way.

We Fwoosh staffers will be doing our “Best Of 2021” articles very soon, and right now I have a few standouts that I’m considering. There was a lot I was looking forward to this year, along with lot of surprises. But with a new year comes a brand new horizon filled with stuff I want to sling my money at with feverish abandon. So without further babble, these are the top 5 (in no order) toys I am looking to in 2022.

Hasbro and Super7 – BATS

Yes, I’m slightly cheating on my first choice, but two companies are putting out Battle Android Troopers in the same year at two different scales with two slightly different aesthetics, and I am wholly incapable of choosing between the two. Super7’s cartoon accurate BATS lead off a strong first wave, and Hasbro’s retro-updated BATS are getting added to what is one of my favorite lines of the past few years. Not to mention an entirely different deco with Hasbro’s Python Patrol BAT. So really this is managing to be three choices in one, shattering the entire point of this article right off the…BAT. Yes, I just used that joke. No regertz. Fight me.

Mezco One:12 Collective Crow

I know asking Mezco to hit their estimated release dates is red-lining the very nature of optimism, but as it’s due in May of 2022 I’m counting this for 2022, even if Conan taught us expectations meant nothing. The Crow has been a figure I’ve wanted from the One:12 line ever since it started. One of my favorite movies, one of my favorite comics, one of my favorite fictional creations, the Crow needs to be in any and every format possible. It’s a natural fit for a fabric-covered line, and will be a fantastic companion piece to the Hot Toys Crow.

Marvel Legends Galactus

This pretty much had to be on the list, right? A gigantic Galactus that makes every other Galactus figure look diminutive in comparison is pretty much the epitome of the word “centerpiece.” I didn’t get a Sentinel (even though I’m kind of kicking myself now) but I couldn’t pass on Galactus. Talk about a purple reign, amirite?

Boss Fight Studios Castor Oyl

Man, Mezco came out with some great Popeye figures and a stellar Bluto to go along with them, but you know with Mezco’s schedule they won’t be going too deep. But Boss fight is coming out of the gate with Castor Oyl. This time it’s not so much the figure itself—although I am definitely into it—but what it represents, which is a hopeful deep dive into the Popeye family. If they’re starting off the first wave with the inclusion of Castor Oyl, it feels like nothing is off the table. Because the first wave has Castor Oyl! If you’re a fan of Segar’s original Popeye strips like I am then this is shocking and quite welcome.

Super7 Wakko Warner

The entire Animaniacs lineup could be here, but Wakko Warner is by far my favorite of the trio. The Animaniacs cartoon was an instant favorite of mine when it came out in the 90s and I just did a rewatch of the entire thing a few years ago, so it’s all fairly fresh in my mind. Everything about the cartoon is great, but for me the show was never better than when focused on Wakko. His manic, anarchic spirit is a summation of everything I love about cartoons in general. I’m still shocked that the property is getting its own toyline. Even if it goes no further than what’s been announced, I’ll be forever grateful to Super7 for making it happen.

That’s it. Of what we know is coming up, this is what stands out the most. It could change with new information or reveals, but I’m pretty happy with this list. Let us know what you’re looking forward to!

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