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The six inch scale, super-articulated action figure is my favorite kind of collectible and while there is no shortage of stuff out there to collect, I often daydream about dream lines I’d love to see in the six inch format. For a long time I hoped for six inch scale G.I. Joe figures and that finally did happen and I’m loving it, which makes me think about a few more pet projects I’d like to see in plastic form.

So, when talking about dream lines in the six inch super-articulated format, I’m not thinking about realistic stuff like potential sales, costs, or license and likeness rights availability. I leave that stuff to the professionals. I’m just dreaming here people.

I always like to start these with a runner up or two because let’s face it, I’m greedy and a bit of a cheat. This one is a runner up because I’m pretty confident we will see some version of this sometime soon.

Indiana Jones.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull spawned a fairly comprehensive 3.75 inch line, I’m fairly certain that the new movie will spawn a six inch line. Give me Raiders Indy all decked out with his hat, jacket and whip, Temple of Doom Indy all battle damaged, Mola Ram, the big ‘ol German Mechanic from Raiders, Spalko, Henry Jones Sr., Sallah, Marion, Short Round, the big ‘ol Thuggee, Belloc, and Toht. To start. I just hope they prioritize the Temple of Doom stuff better this time around. Honestly if I didn’t have such a good feeling about this actually coming in some shape or form from Hasbro, it would be my number one most wanted.

#5. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

When I was a kid, you couldn’t just throw on a VHS of Star Wars whenever you wanted. You had to track down shows like Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica or Knock offs like Battle Beyond the Stars when they aired on TV for you sci-fi adventure fix. Buck was a solid action adventure show and I had a few toys including this remote control version of Twiki the robot. I think the poster above is a good template for the toy line as I’d need Buck, Wilma Deering, Twiki, Tiger Man and Princess Allura. A Thunder Fighter wouldn’t go amiss either.

#4 Fisher Price Adventure People

These figures were a ubiquitous feature of my childhood. I had a bunch and every kid I knew seemed to have different sets. The line was super diverse featuring regular people doing interesting stuff. Campers, people on safari, hikers, pilots, kayakers, motorbikers, divers, shark hunters, hang gliders, race car drivers, skydivers, ambulance drivers, and even TV news people. The line even went into space with some crazy aliens and astronauts. When I was a kid I had the shark boat and played with that thing in every body of water I could find, sometimes the blue carpet in my room would have to do. I’d love to get the Sea Shark and X-Ray Man and Woman in super-articulated format, but I’d also love for a set of regular hikers with really detailed camping gear, tent, jeep, and a kayak.

#3 Nintendo Pro-Wrestling

My friends and I sunk many an hour into this simple fighter on the NES and I’ve wanted figures since way back then. The roster is fairly limited and the bodies could be re-use, so this is one of the more practical desires I have, though I hear Nintendo is tough to work with. Anyway, I really like the Boss Fight Luchadores, so I would love to see their take on these characters. My fighter was always Star Man or The Amazon, so I want them most of all.

#2 The Dollars Trilogy

Sergio Leone made three movies with Clint Eastwood playing the amoral “man with no name” gunslinger (who went by Joe, Manco, and Blondie in the films). Westerns have fallen out of fashion, so you don’t see a lot of western themed toys, but I’d love some super articulated gunslinger figures. My ideal wave would include Clint in the classic green poncho, Gian Maria Volonte’s character Indio from For A Few Dollars More, Eli Wallach’s Tuco, and Lee Van Cleef’s Angel Eyes from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I’d want a couple horses and assorted thugs in there too.

#1 The A-Team

You’ve heard of comfort food, well I have comfort TV shows and one of my favorites is The A-Team. When I was a really little kid, my mother wouldn’t allow me to watch it during the original run because of the cartoon violence, but that only made me love it more when I caught the re-runs in syndication. When I was a kid I so coveted the old set of fairly atrocious G.I. Joe scaled A-Team figures from Galoob, so I’d love some six inch A-Team to go with my Classified figures today. All I need is the four guys, the van, and those particular machine guns they indiscriminately fired all the time.

Well, that’s what I daydream about when daydreaming up toy lines, what do you want? Let me know in the comments or on our forums!

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