Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Neutrinos Review

The Neutrinos are so cool that they are totally frozen, daddio! Don’t be the mayor of Squaresville, man, and peep this look at some cartoon hep cats, the Neutrinos!

The box is a little smaller than the usual two-pack because it contains three smaller figures, but the format is familiar to the line with cool illustrations on the front and clean photos on the sides and back. The set comes with the three main Neutrino characters Zak (in blue), Kala (in green), and Dask (in purple and yellow) as well as Kala’s furry pet Grybex and the baby Princess Tribble. There’s also a nice complement of accessories including three sets of hands per Nuetrino, three stands, three hover boards, three hover board stands, and five electronic doohickeys.

The hands are almost three identical sets of grip, fist, and open, but Dask has a couple of loose grip gestural hands instead of the open hands and Kala has one peace sign hand instead of two grip hands.

Some of the techno-accessories are familiar to me while others escape me. The box is Donatello’s transdimensional tuner which allows him to communicate with Dimension X and kind of reminds me of a Gamebube. The one with the V-shaped antennae was a spectro-analyzer used to track Nuetrinos in Four Turtles and a Baby. I think the smaller one with the orange readout screen was used to track the Grybyx, but I don’t recognize the one that sort of looks like a microphone/laser sword or the small radar dish. They all have super clean paint jobs and impressively tiny details and fit well into the grip hands of the Neutrinos.

Princess Tribble and the Grybyx are mostly slug figures, though Tribble has some swivel/hinge arms and both Tribble and the Grybyx have ball jointed heads. The sculpting on these two is perfectly cute and captures that cartoon aesthetic well.

The figures also come with some very small circular stands that peg into the feet. The characters are a little top heavy with large heads and tiny feet, but I was able to balance the figures without the stands. They do make it easier to keep them upright, especially with Kala who has the tiniest feet out of the three.

The hover boards also make great stands and have similar pegs to the clear stands that attach well to the Neutrino’s feet and a socket in the underside that attaches to a ball joint on the top of clear t-shaped stands. The stands allow you to tilt the hover-boards slightly to give the impression of flight and banking .

One board is painted to match each Neutrino’s color scheme and the bottom has a bit of techno-greeblies that feels perfectly in style with the cartoon and also feels like something out of the old arcade game. As far as I know, these boards aren’t in the show and were accessories for the old figures, but they help give the figures the chaotic flying energy that they have in the show when riding their star cruisers without making a big, pricey vehicle.

A main feature of the characters in the show are their geometric and improbably architectural hair cuts and I’m especially impressed at how they translated them from two-dimensional drawing to three-dimensional figure. Zak and Dask have especially gravity defying ‘dos that look lovely.

The Neutrinos are smaller framed figures, but they are packed with useful articulation including:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and ankles
  • Ball and socket head, mid-torso, and neck
  • Thigh swivels
  • Double hinged knees

The ball joints in the head allow for some nice movement and the lower torso have softer plastic which allows for more hip movement. The outfits have some pretty outrageously sized sleeves and while Zak and Kala have good shoulder movement, Dask’s is hindered by the points of his shoulder pads.

Paint is great here with solid matte finishes and intricate detail work on the costumes and black outlines.

Overall, this is another wonderful set from NECA. Even though the Neutrinos were introduced early on in the cartoon run, I somehow missed them completely growing up and have become a fan of them with their bright colors and the retro ’50s futurism styling as an adult. It’s a unique group of characters that stand out as unique even in a line as wild as TMNT and the toys are a ton of fun to play with, especially posed on their hover boards.

Thanks again to NECA for sending these samples my way!

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