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Some of the first dialogue we ever heard from The Mandalorian came from Werner Herzog’s character, The Client. His screen time is fairly brief, but he made an outsized impression with the little time he had. He was just so classy, scary, and weird at the same time and I needed a figure from that very first trailer. Let’s take a look at The Client!

The box has the orange trim that denotes the character’s origin is from The Mandalorian and a very nice portrait of the character on the side.

The figure comes with a bounty hunting tracking fob, two stacks of Beskar, and a camtono (ice cream maker). The stacks of beskar are two pieces and can be placed inside the camtono. I like that they have the sort of wavy beskar lines sculpted into them and the Imperial seal. It seems to me like they should be a little more shiny and metallic.

The camtono has three side panels that you can pry open and the top also pops off. The panels don’t have hinges, they are kept on by soft tabs, so the panels don’t always want to lay completely flat when they are opened. The container is cast in an off-white plastic and has a couple of gray paint hits on the outside and yellow on the inside. I do wish this had a wash or something to dirty it up because it is way too clean. There are some control buttons on the top that could have used some paint as well.

The tracking fob is something we’ve seen before in one of the deluxe Mando sets, but it makes sense as an accessory for The Client. It has some nice paint for such a tiny little thing and The Client holds it well.

The figure is nicely sculpted and I especially like how the clothing all has different textures. The likeness is there, but the details feel a little soft to me. Some of the lines and crags in his face lack the definition I would expect, especially around his cheekbones.

The articulation is typical for the current Black Series line with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Ball and socket head, neck, and waist
  • Swivel thighs

The ball and socket at the head and where the neck attaches to the body allows for some nice tilt and the one at the waist is good for a little tilt and backward motion, but not much crunch. The long coat is going to hinder any sitting poses, which is kind of a shame because this dude spends a lot of time in a chair.

The paint is solid though I wish his hair was whiter. The face print is a little washed out and tough to see details, but Herzog is a fairly pale guy. His medallion is all gold and should have some silver to bring out the Imperial symbol detail.

Overall, I like this figure, but don’t love it. I wanted to love it, but the portrait feels a little bland. The man has lines and character in that face that I don’t feel come across as well as they could in the figure.

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