Star Wars Black Series Omega Review

One of my collector fixations is finishing teams, so I appreciate that Hasbro didn’t mess around and make me wait too long to complete the main cast of The Bad Batch in the Black Series. Hasbro is finishing the group off with Omega and Echo in one wave and today we’re going to take a look at Omega!

The packaging for these animated characters is a little more interesting to me than the usual Black Series packaging because I like to see how they translate the animated character to a more “live action” style in the painting on the side.

Omega comes with three accessories, an energy bow, a gas mask, and a little creature. It’s interesting that Omega’s portrait with the brushed back hair and jewelry places her solidly in the first two episodes of the show, but the accessories are from later episodes.

The gas mask is from the third episode of the show and it is sculpted so it fits securely on her face without any clips or pegs. It has a couple of paint hits, which gives it a more finished look, but it’s not entirely accurate. The white sections on the toy are actually clear in the show and light up orange when she’s wearing the mask, so I wish it were cast in a translucent plastic.

Omega acquires an energy bow weapon during her adventures and in the show it has a really neat folding function. Unfortunately that’s not represented here and the bow is stuck in a mid-firing position. It’s not quite pulled back as far as it should be to fire, but with the limited articulation she couldn’t really hold it in a convincing drawn back pose. It is cast in a translucent pink with the metal details painted over with some shiny metallic plastic. The bow isn’t exactly accurate to the show either. In the show there is an additional handle on the side. There is a piece around the front that does like to fall off, so I just glued that on.

The creature is a lizard named Ruby that features in a couple of episodes of the show, so while it doesn’t feel like an absolutely necessary inclusion it is really nice to have another creature. Ruby is two pieces and swivels in the mid-section. She has simple paints that hint at the elaborate decoration she has in the show.

I honestly forgot about Ruby, having seen her episodes only once, so I was a little confused as to her face. Looking at the toy from above it almost looks to me like the head is upside down. Like the black part is supposed to be a beak. The black part is like a horn and her mouth is where the blue and green meet. It makes more sense if you lift her up a bit. Ruby is nice, but I think I would have preferred an AZI-3 figure accessory as he’s a similarly sized robot that Omega interacts with quite a bit in the show.

I think the sculpting on Omega is pretty good with the costume details looking correct and the portrait appropriately cute. I think I see a bit of young Daniel Logan in her face, which makes sense since she is also a clone of Jango, but her eyes are a bit overlarge for strict realism. I do think the neck could stand to be slightly longer.

The articulation is the usual we see from Black Series these days with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Ball and socket lower neck, head, and waist
  • Swivel thighs

I honestly think they sculpted the bow only about half drawn because without double hinged elbows she couldn’t really do a proper fully drawn bow pose. The elbows and knees get just slightly more than a 90 degree bends, but the skirt is soft enough to allow full range of motion in the hips. Omega has impressive tilting and backward range of motion with the ball joints, but not as much crunch.

Paint is solid and clean with no washes, but this version of Omega is right out of Kamino and her outfit should be super clean, so that works for once. The face print is good, but the face itself is a little glossier than I like and I think her skin tone is almost accurate to the show and could be a smidge darker.

I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars animation, so I love that the Black Series adds characters from shows like The Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance and now The Bad Batch to the Black Series line. I may not always agree with their choices on how they translate something from cartoon to the more realistic style of the films, but it’s always interesting to see.

The portrait is representative of the character in the first couple episodes of the show, so I do wish she was sculpted with her look from the rest of the season or they included an alternate head with that look. I have a feeling we are only getting one shot at an Omega figure, so I would have preferred that she was a bit more representative of how she looked in most of the show. I also wish the bow was more accurate and if not folding, at least include a second folded bow. She also gets a comlink and and a utility belt that holds her bow along the way, so I would have preferred those accessories to Ruby. All that said, it’s still a solid figure, and it is really nice to finish the crew and finally get some merch for the main character of the show that gets left out of a lot of Bad Batch stuff.

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