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Finally! Hasbro has been trickling out the Rogue One re-releases with the face printing over the past couple of months and I personally already received Chirrut and K-2S0 from my pre-order when Bodhi Rook arrived last week. He finally completes the Rogue One team we started way back in 2016 which puts him right up there with Garazeb Orrelios in terms of satisfying releases based on character alone. The figure itself is pretty darn nice too. Let’s take a look a Bodhi Rook!

The Black Series box features some excellent artwork, protects the figure well, and is easy to open. I’m a fan. I only wish I’d see the things more often on my store shelves!

Bodhi comes with his cable pack and a standard rebel blaster. I’m so glad they made the pack removeable because while it is a key feature in the climactic battle of Rogue One, he doesn’t wear it all the time. I was afraid that Hasbro might affix it permanently like they did with Quill’s pack.

The pack features some nice soft plastic straps that go on easily and hold the pack on securely. The pack has a large cylinder where the spool of cable is stored. This cylinder pops off to reveal an inner drum that is sculpted to look like spun cable and attached to the drum is a cord that can be unspooled and is attached to a communication jack. That jack fits well in Bodhi’s hand and clips to the side of the pack and is attached to a decent length of cord. It can be a little fiddly to get rolled up and put away, but it works pretty well and looks great.

The blaster is the usual rebel blaster we’ve received with fleet troopers but it doesn’t have any paint applications. I don’t remember him using a blaster honestly, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at extra blasters.

Sculpting is very well done. I appreciate that Bodhi doesn’t have the flashiest of designs, but the sculptor made a meal out of every uniform crease and utility pocket, packing this guy with appropriate and realistic detail. The likeness is also really good.

Articulation is solid with really nice range of motion at the neck due to the ball joints at the base of the neck and head. Everything moves smoothly out of the box and the detents aren’t too harsh. I don’t even hate the swivel hinge knees in this case because they are placed well and I concede that with baggier pants like this they are a cleaner look. The figure has:

  • Ball and socket waist, neck, and head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, wrists, knees, and ankles
  • Swivel thighs

The paint is solid, if not flashy. He’s solid gray plastic that could use a wash, but there is a little detail on some of the gubbins in his vest. When I was a kid, I used to mow lawns for money and wore safety goggles just like the ones Bodhi rocks, so I appreciate that they cast those in a nice clear plastic for realism. They are permanently affixed to his head which probably looks more realistic, but is a little less fun. The face printing is effective, though he is a bit shinier than I’d like.

Overall Bodhi is a solid figure that represents his character well. Like his character in the film, he’s not flashy but he gets the job done, the epitome of an every man hero. I do wish I had the rest of the repainted Rogue figures to go with him since he looks leagues better than my current Jyn and Cassian (who had particularly awful eye paint), but I can wait. I could also really go for a Saw Gerrera and some of Saw’s crew to fill out that Rogue One shelf a bit more. Give me a Rogue One Rebel Trooper, Pao, and Bistan while you are at it.

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