SDCC 2022: NECA Toys Preview Night

NECA kicked off SDCC 2022 with an absolutely mind-blowing display chock full of monsters, alien, and Ninja Turtle goodness. The Cartoon Turtle display had so much awesome stuff packed into every centimeter of display space that was a joy to see.

I didn’t know I would want AC/DC figures, but these Angus Young and Bonn Scott figures are calling to me.

I don’t collect Toony Terrors, but this grouping is making me rethink that. I think they would look amazing on a small shelf display. At the very least I need a Teen Wolf.

It’s also great to see such a strong line up of E.T. merch. I’m so curious as to what’s under that black cloth!

These displays are also dangerous because these all look fantastic in groups like this.

Xanatos and his Steel Clan were characters fans have been mentioning from the launch of this line, so I’m glad to see them now! They will make great opponents for all the Gargoyles in the works. I kind of forgot that we saw baby Gargoyles in the show. She’s crazy cute! I’m glad to see Goliath’s daughter is in the works and it makes me so curious to see how deep they can go with this line.

He’s back!

We got teases of Zarak and Strongheart a while back, but those faces look amazing in person. So much character. Warduke cannot hit soon enough for my taste.

The Universal Monsters as a group are fantastic. The likeness on Lugosi is just insane and the accessories are super cool. I really love their creature, but for some reason my camera would not focus on The Invisible Man. Very Strange indeed. The Turtle/Universal Monster Mash-Up collection looks damn good all together and makes me glad I’m in for the set. I was kind of hoping for a Dracula Shredder.

NECA really is the master of translating 2D art to 3D figures and they prove it a lot here in several different styles. I’m very glad that the other mutant Shredders are in the works.

The highlight for me was the Toon Turtle Mayhem spread across several different shelves. There are a few new figures in there and tons of little easter eggs for various episodes of the show. I’m especially impressed with the Turtle Lair environment because they nailed every aspect and all the accessories and details are perfect, down to the dented pipes running through the lair. As a guy who likes to build environments for his figures, it’s incredibly inspiring.

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