SDCC 2022: Hasbro Preview Night

With one major exception, visiting the Hasbro booth on preview night was a lot like visiting with everything on my pre-order list. Hi guys, see you soon, I hope. The painted model of the HasLab HISS Tank and surprisingly the Selfie-Series figures were exceptions to that. I think I really missed the giant dioramas they often have in the booth. The legends massive brawl dio in particular was always a highlight of preview night for me.

It was really nice to see the Mojo set in person and Mojo is just wonderful.

We’ve seen all of Hasbro’s pretty promotional images of these Joes, but the figures are so damn good looking, I had to take some shots anyway. Good grief, I cannot wait. Though Target just informed me today that Outback was pushed to October!

I’m honestly shocked at how good looking the selfie series stuff is looking. I was also interested to see that there were bald options and mustaches, beards, and expressions are options. I think they said there was 40 hair style options.

The highlight for me, of course, was the HISS. The thing looks beautiful in matte black and is absolutely massive. I was glad to see what was in that box on the turret that I was curious about. Looks like you can swap some gunner handles there.

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