SDCC 2022: Even More NECA

After the excellent Preview Night showing, I didn’t think I could be any more excited about upcoming NECA stuff. I was wrong.

Between the Turtles Dinosaurs figures, NECA cements their position as the premier creators of figures based on non-muppet Henson Company characters. Man, could you imagine NECA Dark Crystal figures?

It was great to see these Archie comics Mutanimals in person and I especially like Jagwar’s angry portrait.

The Mummy Sarcophagus from the accessory set is looking super cool.

These additional The Last Ronin figures look amazing too. I love all the extra gear and the turtle looks. I’ve been working my way through the IDW series in trades lately so I haven’t read this story yet. I may need to skip ahead just based on these designs.

I keep coming back to stare at these things. I just love the character in Zarak and Strongheart’s portraits. The battle damage on Grimsword adds a cool layer to him too that I don’t think I really saw in promotional shots, but was super evident up close.

I’m not sure if I missed this on Preview Night or it was added later, but either way I love this unhinged smiling Stockman in the Shredder Helmet that will be in an upcoming accessory set.

Finally, I am floored by these new Mirage Turtles in the Jim Lawson style. They have a blockier build that I personally always associated with the TMNT Palladium Roleplaying games my friends and I played when I was a youngster. As much as I love the original Mirage Turtles, the movie Turtles, the ’87 cartoon Turtles, and 2012 cartoon Turtles, these are my Turtles and I couldn’t be more pleased. Zog the Triceraton also had a legitimately mindboggling level of detail packed into that sculpt and I love how teeny tiny Splinter is.

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