Marvel Legends, Star Wars, My Hero Academia, Fortnite, DC, Plunderlings and more!

Started off a slow news week but finished strong! Let’s ramble about the resurfaced Walmart Star Wars Black Series Clone Wars offerings, Amazing Yamaguchi My Hero Academia, Hasbro’s Fortnite and Power Rangers In Space, NECA’s Univeral Monsters and Defenders of the Universe, a pinch of McFarlane DC Multiverse, Plunderlings, and Savage Crucible!

Plunderlings Plunderlong Plunderstrong Kickstarter

Savage Crucible

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Death of the Family Joker Announcement

NECA Universal Monsters Frankenstein Accessory Set

NECA King Features Defenders of the Earth Series 2

Kaiyodo Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi My Hero Academia Endeavor Magazine Scan

Super7 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Lord Zed Tease

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Red Ecliptor

Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale Series Chaos Double Agent

Star Wars Black Series Walmart Exclusive Clone Wars General Grievous, ARC Trooper, and Mace Windu

Hasbro Marvel Legends Disney+ Moon Knight

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