Marvel Legends Ravager Thor Review

Thor: Ragnarok is probably my favorite MCU movie, so I’m hotly anticipating Love and Thunder, but I’m also cutting back on my Legends collecting. I still felt the need to grab at least one figure from the wave and the choice was not hard, Guardians of the Galaxy Thor called to me. Let’s take a look at Ravager Thor!

The packaging is the usual fare, but that Thor: Love and Thunder logo is pretty neat and the illustrations on the sides and back are just fantastic.

Thor comes with Stormbreaker and a Korg build-a-figure piece.

The left arm of Korg looks to be the same arm as the original figure, just with a different piece of removeable armor. He is a bit lighter gray, which seems more accurate to me, but he could really use a wash.

I think Stormbreaker is the same as the one that came with the recent Infinity Saga Thor (which I can’t seem to find) but seems ever so slightly on the small side here. The paint is decent with two metal tones on the hammer and sharp work on the handle, but it is pretty rubbery.

The design of this costume immediately grabbed me. I love that they have incorporated a sort of Thunderstrike vibe mixed with Thor’s classic comic boot wraps and the tank top with a prominent design calls to mind one of my favorite cinematic characters, Jack Burton. The sculpt feels really solid with some great proportions and lots of tiny costume details.

I especially like the seems on the pants and the texture on the tank top. The portrait is good, I can see Hemsworth in there, but I don’t love it as much as the Infinity Saga Thor. It blows away most of the recent Thor Legends, but I wish there was an alternate head with one of the expressions from the box art. The one critique I have is that I wish there was a more smooth transition between the forearm and the wrists. The vest is removeable and I think he looks pretty good without it too.

Articulation is typical Marvel Legends, except his neck is a barbell ball joint rather than a ball joint on top of a hinge. Thor has:

  • Ball and socket head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel waist, bicep, and thighs

The articulation all moves pretty well and his hair is soft enough to not hinder articulation too much. I do wish he had a ball jointed waist and it feels like the tank top design would have been an ideal spot to add some butterfly hinged pecs.

The paint is solid and I really like the faceprinting and the logo on Thor’s shirt. They printed a bit of an extension to the design so that he can articulated backward at the ab crunch and still show a design (to a point). I love that there seems to be a wash on the hair, though I do wish there was a little bit more brightness to that blonde.

Thor is a little light on accessories, but it’s a solid figure with some fun poseability. I’m not sure about picking up the rest of the Guardians from this wave, but I love adding this Thor to my existing Guardians group.

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