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I was planning on skipping the Eternals figures because the costume designs and the trailers haven’t called me, but the likeness on this Thena figure was so scary good I didn’t feel like I could pass it up when I saw it at Target. Let’s take a look at the Marvel Legends Eternals Thena figure!

The packaging is Marvel Legends standard with a big front window and a nice illustration on the sides that repeats on the back. The packaging does the job, but I was thinking it could use a refresh. I’d like a flatter box, for example. Have you ever found a full wave at the store and tried to walk them to the register? There is a bit of a balancing act there that I don’t care for due to the curved front piece.

Thena comes with two sets of hands, two swords, a staff and knife. The hands swap easily and are cast in a fairly soft plastic. I like the inclusion of the more neutral hands as they add a little variety to posing. Unfortunately the grip hands aren’t quite large enough to hold the weapons securely. The weapons stretch the grip a bit and the softness of the plastic makes for some loose holds on the weapons.

The weapons have some of the swirly detail motifs that we see on the Eternals’ costumes and are cast in a gold plastic with a slight metallic feel to it. The details and edges are about as sharp as you can expect with a mass market line, but I do like the almost glowing effect around the edges the gold plastic has when it’s hit with light. It seems like from the trailers these weapons aren’t exactly film accurate, though honestly I’m not sure how they would make the thin lines of gold weapons that she used in the trailer.

The portrait on this one is pretty great and the costume details look pretty close to what I’ve glimpsed in trailers. She is somewhat bustier in figure form with a narrower waist than the trailer footage I’ve seen. Her proportions feel a bit more comic-book than realistic. I like the weight and sort of flow to the skirt piece sculpting, but it does float around a lot.

One odd sculpting detail they left off was knee caps for the double knees. They are just blank and it looks pretty weird.

Articulation is Marvel Legends standard, however the movement of the barbell ball joints in the neck is pretty limited by the hair. There is some tilt and limited side to side movement, but up and down is restricted and the figure seems to want to rest looking slightly up. The mid-torso has decent wobble and backward movement, but the forward crunch is pretty limited. I wish Marvel Legends would add a ball and socket waist to add to the forward crunch movement on these figures. I also found fighting poses a little frustrating because the elbow swivel is set at a slightly awkward angle to the bicep and the figure can’t really reach across the large chest for double handed sword grips very well. The ankles also are set in at a slight outward angle, so they aren’t as stable as usual forward facing rocker ankles. Thena has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, wrists, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees
  • Thigh swivels
  • Ball and socket mid-torso and neck.

Paint is also pretty Marvel Legends typical with the majority of the figure cast in the lighter, almost pearlescent, color with some coppery gold painted armor pieces. The detail does get a little lost with the two main colors being close together, but they look very pretty in bright light. Usually I’d suggest a wash, but I’m not sure that would actually work with this costume. The face printing is probably one of the better examples I have seen of the technique and works well with the sculpting for a fantastic likeness.

Overall I’m a little disappointed in this figure. It’s just not very fun to play with and the poseability feels off, but if you can find a nice static pose it looks great on the shelf.

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