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This isn’t going to be your technical “review” type of review where I…review…this figure, because it’s been pretty well covered by many before me. Veebs and Robo talked about it on one of their jibberjabber sessions and then Veebs had some pictures up. So this is more a “hey guys this toy is cool” type of thing where I took some pictures and will take up space with words.

Hey guys, this toy is cool.

What? More? Ok.

Cyber was my most wanted out of the five figures included in the Amazon Exclusive Wolverine set. Omega red was probably my least-needed because I didn’t feel like I was missing anything with the previous Omega Red figure. A shirtless Wolverine seems like it’s something that I don’t really “need” need on the surface until I realize that fuzzy Canadian screwball ends up losing his shirt a lot. Plus it really adds to the whole “I’m a savage mofo, bub.” Deal he’s got going on. Callisto and Wyngarde were definitely needed elements for their particular factions, but Cyber…Cyber is where it hit me.

Cyber debuted in Marvel Comics Presents, which was an anthology series that provided a combination of different story types. There were usually four different stories, some were multi-issue arcs and some were done in one featuring an eclectic grouping.

Wolverine was a mainstay, because it was the late 80s/early 90s and Wolverine was EVERYWHERE. His stories were always strong, and Cyber was a villain born out of a combination of Peter David and Sam Keith.

Peter David is one of my favorite comic writers, and Sam Keith draws like what would happen if Cocaine became sentient and snorted itself. I don’t mean that in any way as a put-down, because anything he draws definitely ends up being wholly unique and enjoyable. Cyber was an adamantium-skinned bad guy with hallucinogenic nails and he wrecked Wolverine. That is a bad combo regardless of how you look at it.

Cyber is one of those villains that I tend to forget exists until somebody mentions him, and then I realize how much I have always wanted a Cyber. He’s got a simple design but it’s evocative.

The figure is a big boy, (and yes I am finally talking about the actual toy) with Colossus parts and a new head and hands. It’s pretty much a no-brainer for Colossus parts to be reused for Cyber since they share that same banded metal look. Banded metal arms became quite popular in the 90s. Colossus was all “I am trendsetter, tovarisch.”

The parts all articulate well for big boy parts. The arms are single jointed, but they’re shaped better because of it, I think, with a decent thickness.

Essentially, Cyber is exactly what it needs to be. It’s not a complex figure. It’s not a complex design. It gives us…or me…or whomever…a much needed Wolverine villain and first time figure—something that is always exceedingly welcome. So basically, “Hey guys, this toy is cool.”

As for other bad guys Wolverine fought in Marvel Comics Presents, it’s time for Razorfist. Dude’s a movie star now.

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