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There are some things that come into being via happenstance, right timing, perfect partnership, or even kismet. I honestly believe that if the Hasbro x Super7 combination never came into being, the G.I. Joe Arctic Rescue Vehicle would be a concept that would never make it to our collection shelves.

You knew from the moment it was announced that Super7 would producing G.I. Joe products that all of them would have their sense of style and sensibilities built in. ULTIMATES! is so far giving us the cartoon versions we have never had with the premium approach, and ReAction is building the same cartoon style, but with focus on building armies and providing us with the unexpected. I am over the moon with the offering of the Gamemaster Drone the second ReAction series, but this Arctic Rescue Vehicle is off on a planet unto itself. I would be willing to bet that even the most optimistic and true-believing Joe fan never expected this to come to plastic, but here we are, and I will reiterate that it is a heck of time to be collecting G.I. Joe. I have to apologize for a bit of delay in bringing this feature out, but I HAD to wait for snow for this. I had to.

If not for the Blind Woodsman, Snake Eye’s Icelandic mission would have never been successful and the kick-off to the original cartoon would have been set very differently. A one-shot, but important character and moment is just what plays best in the ReAction format, and with it being winter and all, be ready to play out in the snow all season long. I remember talking to Super7’s Brian Flynn some month’s back about the announcement of G.I. Joe and the direction they would be taking it. There was, of course, excitement to bring the key cast into the ULTIMATES! and ReAction lines, but when the conversation turned to the one-shots and oddballs, it was impossible for him to hide is excitement and passion. I knew this set would be something at that point, and now that it has arrived, I cannot imagine anyone not being able to find the fun in this release.

This box set includes a ReAction figure of the Blind Woodsman with rifle, as well as Snake Eyes with blaster and canister. This is a re-deco of the ReAction Series 1 Snake Eyes, but this time he is cast in a glow-in-the-dark plastic that glows RED to simulate the radioactive poisoning the commando encounters on his mission. I am a sucker for GitD figures, and Super7 has been offering up some great ones as of late, but this one hits the moment and scene perfectly, so it is not just cute-wink type of effect, it recreates that pivotal moment. Plus – RED GLOWING PLASTIC. I mean, come on!

The big draw, of course, is the Arctic Rescue Vehicle itself, which is a full sled team complete with six individual sled dog figures. The sled is constructed to hold Snake Eyes (or another ReAction figure) so he can be taken to safety, and the the Blind Woodsman can stand on the back via foot pegs and grip handles. The harness piece attaches to the front of the sled, and then each of the six sled dogs (one sculpt) connects to the harness via the pegs and peg holes on the underside of the figures. Once in place, the harness stays connected to all of the part very, very well. I was concerned that the set with be “fidgety” and would have to constantly reconnect the harness to the dogs, but that is not the case at all. In fact, as soon as I got it all assembled, I headed right outside to the snow to take pictures and it all stayed perfectly in-tact. I think classic o-ring fans will be able to use this set for their purposes as well, as the scale seems to line-up just right.

The G.I. Joe ReAction line is just getting started and if this Arctic Rescue Vehicle is any indication, this is going to be a fun adventure. I mean, I might just have the Gamemaster Drone commandeer it right now and ride to destruction all over my snowy back yard. I get it, these kinds of releases are not going to be for everyone, but the fun, and holy $#!% factor of this set is something to behold. This set is out there now, so go and get one, I promise you, it is a lot of fun.

*Thanks to Super7 for sending along this set for an early feature.

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