G.I. Joe Classified Snow Themed Characters

Yo Snow! As I sit in sweltering heat, I’m trying to trick my body into feeling cooler with thoughts of playing in the snow. Snow Job is on the way in the classified line and the way that Hasbro likes to tell a story with figures in this line, I figure we’ll be seeing more snow-themed Joes and Cobras than just Snow Job. Here’s my top 5 most wanted winter themed characters for the Classified line.

I always like to choose a couple runners up for these and for this list I went with the snow vehicle I absolutely love, The Snow Cat. The Snow Cat with Frostbite is a contender for my number one slot with it’s beefy truck/tank build and massive angular cockpit, not to mention ski-missiles. The reason it didn’t get higher on the list is that I feel a little uncertain about medium sized vehicles in this line. It seems to me like they could put out a retail version of a 1/12 version of this vehicle for less than a hundred bucks, but then again, I thought the same thing about the HISS. I got the HISS, but I don’t know how many more of these pricey and gigantic Haslabs I can realistically afford or display.

#5 – Snow Gear Snake Eyes

I’m re-reading Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe run again and that original story from early on in the run with Kwinn always stands out as a winner. Hasbro loves to re-do this guy, and this is one I’d love to buy. The Arctic Trooper version from a while back was pretty fantastic looking and tempted me greatly when it originally hit, but I could really go for a Classified take on it, especially with the weasel skull necklace.

#4 – Iceberg

The Joe who loves the cold because he grew up in oppressive heat, he has one of the most bizarre Sunbow cartoon episodes around (that’s saying something) where he gets mutated into a killer whale, but the figure itself is pretty spare coming with only a rifle. I do really like the light blue and green they added to the snow gear color scheme and I think Classified could be a good opportunity to plus this guy up with some more snow accessories and make his sidearm, goggles, and knife removeable. I could go for the snow board from the modern figure too.

#3 Snow Serpent

Snow Job needs somebody to fight and these Cobra troops have a great look and a ton of cool accessories (snow shoes! Why do I love snow shoes so much?) . That helmet/mask combo has such a cool vibe to it, almost as rad as Snake Eyes’ look and the parachute adds an interesting wrinkle to them as well.

#2 Polar Battle Bear

So many kids I knew had this one, so it featured in a lot of childhood play and has a real nostalgia factor for me. Because of the awesome box art (look at Gung Ho jamming through the snow with no shirt on. Wacko.) I always associate it with Snow Job, so with him on the way I really want this vehicle. I still have some small hope that the Classified Snow Job will come with the Polar Battle Bear since they haven’t announced how he’ll be released yet. It is a small enough vehicle that I think it could be at a motorcycle level price point.

#1 Kwinn

My comic fandom is showing again with this one. Kwinn is one of those classic anti-hero characters who fights and defeats the heroes, but has his own code of honor. I got the Super 7 reaction, but I need a fully articulated figure with the M2, removeable gun belts, hood, goggles, and weasel skull necklace. His first appearance in in snow gear, but he gets quite a bit more ink as the series continues and feels like one of the more classic comic characters from the run.

That’s my top 5 snow themed characters for Classified, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments or on our forums. Thanks to 3DJoes for the great figure and box images.

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