Fortnite Victory Royale Series TNTina and Glider

We are catching up with some more Fortnite releases today with the deluxe TNTina and Glider set from Hasbro’s Fortnite Victory Royale (with cheese) Series. The gliders are such an integral part of the game and it’s always nice to get a vehicle in the 1/12th scale, so I’ve been looking forward to this release and checking out Hasbro’s flight stand. Let’s take a look!

The figure comes in a fairly wide and tall box that’s pretty thin. The glider is packed in two pieces and the stand can also break down into two pieces to fill out this box.

The set comes with a figure, a pack, a glider, and a flight stand. The flight stand is fairly tall at around 10 inches and it allows enough room for the figure to dangle from the glider.

The stand is clear plastic and has a removeable ball joint piece at the top that connects to the glider so it has some forward tilt at the ball joint and a swivel where the ball joint piece attaches to the stand.

That ball joint piece can be removed so you can add the connector piece that came with Jules and Ohm so you can use the stand with her. You can also add Ollie from the Skye and Ollie set onto the ball joint, but it’s a pretty tight fit.

The stand also has some pegs for figures and holes that fit the standard Hasbro stand and blast effects that came with the deluxe Black Widow. That’s a really nice feature and helpful for setting up fun little scenes on your shelf.

The Wild Blast glider comes in two pieces in the box with the wings as one piece and the sort of parachute part as another. It has some brilliantly bright graphics and looks like it came straight from the game. The only thing I don’t love is that there is a pretty thick chunk of translucent plastic that spans the two wings. It has to be there to plug into the stand, but I wish they could have figured a way around that.

One way around it could have been doing her alternate glider, Bombs Away! glider which is basically her surfing on a giant bomb. TNTina also comes with a pack, or back bling, which is a term that still annoys me to type after years of collecting these toys. It’s a tiny little purse-like pack that has a grenade on a ribbon.

It’s game accurate and completes the look, but not terribly exciting. This is a unique figure in the Fortnite line in that she doesn’t come with any weapons or a harvesting tool. There are grenades on her person, but they aren’t removeable. I do have tons of weapons I could give her from the loot shark or previous figures, but I would have liked to have her Boom Bow, which is a bow with explosive arrows that she used in the game.

Sculpting on TNTina is pretty great and she looks like she stepped out of the game, though the face is a little flat in profile, I think that might be more of a character design issue than a figure issue. The articulation is great with:

  • Ball and socket head, neck, mid-torso, and waist
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel biceps, thighs, and boots
  • Double hinged knees and elbows

I like that they gave the right hand an up/down hinge and the left an in/out hinge for better rifle holding poses. The double hinges have great range and are well integrated into the sculpting. The ball joints at the waist and torso get really nice tilt and backward arch, but not a lot of crunch movement, but the ball joints at the head and neck allow for great tilt and looking down, but not as much looking up.

Paint is solid with a nice logo print on the shirt and lovely face printing on the head. I think the pants should have had an additional color to them or perhaps some drybrushing or wash as they don’t look solid black to me in the game.

Overall this figure and glider set is a lot of fun. The figure has great articulation and a lot personality in the portrait and the glider and stand has a lot of cool functionality, but it does feel really weird that she doesn’t come with a weapon. I guess she better land that glider and open some chests. Fortunately I did have Jazwares dynamite sticks and the boom bow to outfit the figure for the below pics.

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