Fortnite Victory Royale Series The Foundation

Pre-orders have felt a little out of control in recent years, so I’ve started to write them all down to keep on top of what all I have floating out there. In addition to enjoying new figures, it has become somewhat satisfying to cross a pre-order off the list, especially the older pre-orders. I ordered The Hasbro Victory Royal The Foundation in April of 2021, so checking him off my list already felt good before I even opened the box. Let’s take a look!

The box looks like solid cardboard, but there is an opening flap that is taped shut that reveals more art and a window that’s fairly typical of the retail Fortnite figures. The back of the box calls out the contents including the figure, an umbrella, a cape, two fists, a little plate that can attach to the figure’s back, and a figure stand.

The umbrella is a fairly chunky piece of plastic and the handle is a separate piece that plugs securely into the top. The top is cast in some fairly shiny metallic plastic with some clean paint work. In the game, the umbrella works like the gliders and he looks more Mary Poppins than Yondu holding the thing.

The stand is very much like the stand that came with the Marvel Legends deluxe Black Widow or the action stands available to purchase on Pulse. It has height adjustment and little claws that grip the figure and a hinge that can tilt the figure up or down. It works fairly well, though The Foundation is a little bit heavy for it when holding his umbrella. It wants to hinge down with all that weight, but I was able to tighten that part with a screwdriver.

The cape is cast in soft plastic and plugs into a hole in The Foundation’s back. The softness of the plastic allows for some arm movement, though if you move the arm too much, the cape just usually pops off the figure. I do really like the clean symbol and the bit of dirt spatter at the end of the cape.

There is a plate is a piece of metallic colored plastic that plugs into the hole in his back where the cape attaches if you don’t want to use the cape (the cape is an option in the game).

The fists swap easily and are a nice option, I just wish he came with his plasma spike pickaxe(s). They are an energy weapon that emits from his gauntlets and would have gone great with the fists. It is a little weird that he doesn’t come with a gun and even though I have tons of weapons I could give him, I do wish he had his unique blaster seen in the promotional artwork.

The sculpting is great with lots of sharp armor and battle damage detail and a perfectly heroic build. My only slight concern being that the head seems a hair too small proportionally.

The articulation is good, but there are a couple of areas I wish had more range. The foundation has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel thighs and biceps
  • Ball and socket, head, mid-torso, and waist

The knees get great range and the elbows are a little past 90 degree bend. I like the amount of tilt in the barbell neck joint and the way the shoulder pads allow the shoulders to lift up. The torso articulation, on the other hand, is pretty stiff. The waist and mid-torso allow for swivel and some back movement, but the wobble and crunch are almost non-existent. The forward movement at the hips is also a little hindered by the thickness of the thigh armor.

Paint is solid for a mass-market figure. The metallic plastic has a good shine too it, though mine has some swirly-twirly plastic lines on the chest that aren’t ideal, but I can kind of dismiss as battle damage. I do like that there is an effort to weather the armor in parts. It could always use more, but what they did was nice.

Overall I like this figure quite a bit, but I find myself wishing for different accessories. I really like how in the game he has an almost goblin-glider styled glider, laser pickaxes, his blaster, and how when he’s unmasked he looks like a cartoon version of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and wish that was represented in the figure.

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