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The Fortnite fun continues with the next character from Hasbro’s first wave of the Victory Royale Series, Midas Rex! One thing that draws me to Fortnite designs is the sheer diversity of character type. There are fluffy pink things, goo monsters, knights, spies, DJs, Disco Dancers, Dinosaur Ladies, and cold-blooded assassins, all vying for victory. Midas Rex has the shining armor of a robotic knight, but the face and skull mask of a killer. Let’s take a look!

Midas Rex got a bit of the short shrift when attached to his cardboard insert, his neck stretched back like a monster on a slab. But the box gets the job done and protects the figure while looking pretty darn stylish. The call-outs on the front and back advertise three accessories, a helmet, a cape, and a sword but there are a couple additional unadvertised pistol accessories in his hip holsters that were a nice surprise.

One of my action figure pet peeves is non-functional pistol holsters, or worse, holsters sculpted with non-removeable gungs so thankfully Midas has a couple of guns in his decidedly western-themed holsters. The guns are cast in a silvery plastic and have a little detail on the grips that should be painted gold, but are plain brown. The fit perfectly in the hands and holsters and the holsters close with a tiny peg on a strap.

His cape “back bling” (for the uninitiated, “back bling” is the Fortnite terminology for bonus items that attach to the character’s back like back-packs and capes) has an elaborate design with gold coloring that matches his elaborate armor very well. It attaches with a single peg and stays on pretty well and while it is not flexible, it stays out of the way of posing pretty well.

The sword also has a neat mix of technological and fantasy design elements and is cast in gray plastic with quite a few bright gold paint hits. It also fits well in the hand, though I kind of wish the back bling had a convenient slot for storage, though I don’t think that’s in the game

What I thought was a helmet is actually an alternate head. It pops on and off with little effort and stays on securely. The sculpting on this thing is pretty cool and the details are sharp, but I love how they have added the eyes into the deep sockets of the skull mask. It’s pretty striking. I do think both heads are proportionally a bit on the small side and could stand to be a bit larger.

Sculpting on this guy is a real delight. The design is chock-full of techno-detail and the figure captures that perfectly. He’s got a very lanky feel to him overall that I think is exacerbated by the smaller heads and the broad shoulders, but it has a pretty cool feel to it if it is a bit lankier than the game model. He’s got these little tubes on his arms and they do allow the full articulation movement, but can pop out occasionally. I think that’s actually good design because it is better to pop out than break. One aspect I don’t like is the central circle in his chest. It has a yellow insert with a hole in the center when I think it would match the game a bit better if there was a solid jewel piece there.

I also really like the unmasked head. While it is a little on the small side, they captured the somewhat creepy vibe of this guy perfectly.

Articulation is phenomenal with excellent tilt at the ball and socket neck, waist, and mid torso. He’s got great backward hinge, but less great ab crunch functionality, but he can almost fully do the splits. I love the functionality of the shoulder pads spinning with the shoulder swivel and they get out of the way when you hinge the arms outward too. I was also glad to see that his wrists hinge up/ down. The boot cut is a little unsightly, but I know people really like that POA, so I’m good with it. Midas Rex has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel thighs, shoulder pads, boot, and biceps
  • Ball and socket head, neck, mid-torso and waist
  • Butterfly hinged pecs

The paint is also quite nice with some very beautifully shiny shades of gold applied cleanly. I do have one stray mark on the central disk that annoys me a bit. I don’t really play Fortnite, so I buy these figures because they look fun or could maybe slot into my current collections in interesting ways. I could see this skull guy menacing Marvel legends or the Joes with ease and at a little over 6.5 inches he could join either of those lines and looks good with the Jazewares figures.

Overall this is another fun entry in the line. With no nostalgia connection or investment in the game, these have to work for me on a fun figure level and this guy definitely does.

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