Fortnite Victory Royale Series Metal Mouth Review

I like my silly Fortnite stuff, but I like the military style figures and Metal Mouth has that great mix of military and sci-fi aesthetic. He almost looks more G.I. Joe than some classified figures! Let’s take a look at Metal Mouth from Hasbro’s Fortnite Victory Royale Series!

Maybe it’s because I’m typing this on Easter Sunday, but the regular packaging with it’s purple/pink/yellow/white color scheme does give a bit of an Easter vibe overall. I do really enjoy the character artwork on the front of these boxes.

Metal Mouth comes with a pack, two harvesting tools, a sniper rifle and a pistol. The pistol isn’t listed on the box as an accessory, so it was a nice surprise to open the figure and find an extra accessory that fits well in the hand and holster. The barrel has a hole that will fit the muzzle flash and smoke effects from the recent Black Widow deluxe figure.

The harvesting tools are spiked maces and they fit a bit more loosely in the hands than the weapons. They are cast in a solid plain plastic and hold their shape well, but could have used some metallic paint.

The pack is cast in a softer plastic and has a great military vibe with what looks like some essential equipment sculpted on like explosives and a radio. There are a couple gray paint hits on this that bring out the detail a bit. The antenna on the radio is a little flexible and the peg is long enough to stay securely attached to the figure.

Finally, the heavy sniper rifle is also cast in a fairly soft plastic and while it holds detail well, it does have the tendency to bend on the length of the barrel.

Sculpting is very good and captures the look of the character well. I especially like the texture details on the uniform and the crisp lines on the gear and helmet.

Articulation is a bit mixed. There are some things I love, but some that drive me nuts. I love the range of motion at the waist and torso hinge, especially since I was afraid that the chest web gear would render articulation useless. This works so well, I wish the Classified team would take a lesson from it. The neck however is almost useless. It swivels and wobbles a bit, but has little tilt and practically no up and down movement. It almost reminds me of DC Universe Classics neck where the ball jointed head is attached to a long peg that is posted to the inside of the chest and just wiggles a bit.

The straps around the leg are attached to the belt and impedes forward leg movement severely on the right leg. It’s not as bad on the left leg, but the leg doesn’t kick out straight forward, rather you have to kick it out to the side to get a kneeling pose. I think he has butterfly pecs, but I really didn’t get much movement out of them. Metal Mouth has:

  • Ball and socket head and waist
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel thighs, boots, and biceps
  • Hinged mid-torso and pecs.

Paint isn’t too flashy, but the camo pattern is solid and the patch detail is very good. The eyes look a bit wonky when close up on camera, but fine at regular viewing distance. I like the metallic paint on the mask a lot, but I think it should have been just a touch lighter.

Overall this is a solid figure of a super cool military design with a couple of articulation issues holding it back from perfection. I could see this guy working in a few different displays including Legends and Classified and it makes me really want a figure of his female counterpart, Zadie.

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