Fortnite Victory Royale Series Mancake Review

Pancake cowboy. PANCAKE. COWBOY.

If you need more information to spark gleeful curiosity about an action figure, I am not what it could possibly be. I am back to that familiar spot of being completely unfamiliar with some source material, yet totally in love with a new toy. You know how sometime you are certain you have a “toy of the year” candidate within an instant of opening a new action figure? Yes, well this new Mancake (HIS NAME IS MANCAKE!) is most certainly a prime example of this, and I can assure this figure will make any collection better, even without any prior point of reference.

What I am saying is: everyone needs some sweet, sweet Mancake in their life. I have been in for several of the Fortnite weirdos/food-based characters all the way back to the Jazwares Epic Series line, but even with some standouts from before, Mancake is the best Fortnite figure yet. Maybe he will end up being the best Fortnite figure ever – it’s possible. I could go on and on about the character design and concept of this guy for a long time, but when it comes to the merit of this figure, that is only the starting point. Yes, he might have the privilege of being a PANCAKE COWBOY, but the execution of the figure design and engineering is what is just as impressive here.

If you are reading this, I am going to guess there is a good chance that you are familiar with at least some of Hasbro’s current action figure offerings. There is some good stuff that happens in the Marvel, MMPR, and Star Wars space, and Mancake is every bit as good as the best those line have to offer, even with Fortnite still being relatively new in the Pawtucket space. The sculpting, articulation, engineering, paint work, material choices, and accessories are all pretty much perfect with this figure. He has most of the modern articulation you could ask for (including double knees, double elbows, rocker ankles. ab crunch, and ball waist) and all of it is rendered wonderfully. The range of movement on all the joints is great, and they are strong enough to hold poses, but fluid enough to make subtle (but meaningful) adjustments.

This figure is brightly colored (like most Fortnite characters), but a lot of the elements of the costume ring true for an authentic cowboy figure. I love the boots (with spurs!), and the poncho is pretty flexible so it doesn’t inhibit movement too terribly, but there is some limitations with the shoulders. The holsters function well, and even though there is a splash of syrup on the top, the hat rings true as well. That said, the butter bandolier is CLEARLY the best part of the costume, so you can throw the authenticity out the window for additional awesomeness.

The accessories are pretty fantastic as well, and they come in form of a swappable head piece, two revolvers, pancake rifle, machine gun looking weapon, syrup bottle, and back bling. The swappable head piece removes the hat and translucent syrup face for one that replaces the hat with a pat of butter. As you would expect. The back bling is fun as a split money duffle revealing sweet, sweet pancakes inside, and the syrup bottle plays well for both the pancake and cowboy theme standing in for the ubiquitous whiskey bottle. The machine gun is the weakest of the accessories for me, both in concept and quality as mine has a pretty rough a paint job, the lone blemish of the set. I like the pancake rifle for sure, but the revolvers are my favorite because well, COWBOY. Sure, they are simple, and even though they have holsters for storage, I am going to keep this Mancake ready to duel.

That said, there is also a GIANT FRIGGIN’ CANNON included in this set that you just cannot casually refer to as an “accessory.” This is like a sidekick or an equal partner in this set not only for its size and execution, but also because I am betting a lot of people will be buying this set primarily because of the cannon. Sure, it’s probably not to full scale, but that doesn’t even phase me because it is still a giant cannon that works well with Mancake and has a zillion other applications. The wheels turn, the cannon itself can tilt up and down from proper aiming, and while it could use a few more paint applications, the sculpted details are great. The main thing is that this is an insanely fun inclusion, and I would love to see more of this stuff in the Victory Royale line.

Well, pardners, if you were not already convinced you needed a pancake cowboy in your life by his mere existence, I am not sure what else I can tell you about ol’ Mancake. I adore this release. It is figure of the year material. It will make any collection out there just more fun. I strongly endorse this figure. I know he is a little tough to come by at the moment, but he was just released so the initial fervor is high. I am hoping he will be easier to get once more stores get him, because anyone who wants a little Mancake deserves to have a little Mancake. MANCAKE!

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