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I’m collecting the Jazwares six inch scale Fortnite figures, so I while I was sorry to hear that their six inch line was ending, I was very curious to see what Hasbro would do with the license and pre-ordered the first wave. Today we are going to take a look at one of the wave one figures, Lynx!

The box has the typical dimensions of Hasbro’s six inch offerings like the Black Series or Lightning Collection, however the figure window is quite a bit smaller as part of their efforts to reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging. The figure is tied to a paper insert, so there is no plastic inside as well. I appreciate the environmental effort and it does leave more room on the front of the box to showcase some very nicely stylized character artwork. The back uses a digital render of the character and the accessories are called out on the front and back. I suggest opening from the bottom because the tray slides out easily from that end. Be on the lookout for wads of tissue paper because some of the accessories are at the bottom wrapped in tissue paper.

The figure comes with three accessories, including a pack, a gun, and harvesting tool. The tool looks like an ax mixed with a scythe and has a pretty deadly appearance though the plastic is a bit gummy. The gun is also cast in a slightly flexible plastic, but like the harvesting tool, it holds it’s shape well. The hands are a fairly soft plastic, but they hold the weapons well and it’s easy to swap them. The pack is shaped like a demented teddy bear, so I suppose it could double as that and it attaches tightly to the back via a peg.

The sculpting on Lynx is fantastic. I don’t play the game, so I bought this just because I thought it looked cool, but comparing it to pics of the skin I found online I think Hasbro’s sculptors did a great job here matching the style in the game and bringing all the techo-armor detail into the figure. One slight quibble I have is that the legs don’t come together very well, so you can’t quite get that leg over leg walk pose she has in some of the artwork I’ve seen, but that’s more of an engineering issue I suspect. The pinless joints do make for a nice smooth look.

The articulation is quite nice and I especially love how both the waist and the mid-torso have ball and socket joints along with the neck and head which allows for some wonderful tilting movement. The backward ab movement is phenomenal, though forward is not as good as a regular old ab crunch. The hips kick straight forward 90 degrees, but can go even higher with the leg kicking off to the side. Those hips in combination with the nice forward range on the ankles and double knees allow for nice crouching poses. The wrists are hinged up/down which I always like to see for gun firing characters. The shoulder pads are also separate pieces that swivel along with the arms and allow full range of motion. Lynx has:

  • Ball and socket head, tail, neck, mid-torso, and waist
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged elbows and knees
  • Swivel thigh and bicep
  • Pectoral butterfly hinges

Paint is interesting as there is a mix of matte and gloss blacks along with a couple different grays and a significant use of tampo decals to add the flower motifs to the legs and chest as well as the triangles to the legs and arms. It feels like a lot of deco for a Hasbro figure lately and works well.

At a little over six inches, I think she works nicely with the existing six inch figures from Jazwares, but also Marvel Legends and G.I. Joe Classified.

Since this line is supplanting an existing line of toys it does feel natural to do a comparison in terms of value and playability. The Hasbro price is a bit higher than Jazwares and you do get fewer accessories. However, I think the articulation and solid hands that hold the accessories well is much better with the Hasbro figures and I want to give Hasbro the edge on sculpting so far. Overall, I’m sad to see Jazwares stop making the six inch figures, but Hasbro is making worthwhile figures too.

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