Fortnite Victory Royale Series Funk Ops Review

Hasbro has continued to unleash a wide variety of Fortnite figures. It probably won’t go on forever, but for now I’m enjoying the variety.

Funk Ops brings a little 70s/80s/whatever attitude to the line. This is definitely a dude that would feel right at home at a Parliament concert. I love the whiplash sensation that this line gives. You never know whether or not you’re going to get humanoid shrubbery, a dude with random food on his head, fish men, bananas…there’s something for almost everybody.

Funk Ops doesn’t go too far into the freak out zone. He’s along the more normalized spectrum of things, such as it is. But there’s still plenty of interest here. His golden shirt is bright and eye-catching, and his shades and afro can be seen from across the room.

Articulation is standard for Hasbro’s Fortnite stuff, which is along the same lines as Their Marvel Legends. Funk Ops has a torso wobble, but unfortunately my torso seems to be stuck, which is inhibiting my wobble. It should free up once I stick him in the freezer overnight, but it did impede my ability to get him in some deep crouches for picture taking, so if he seems a little stiff that’s the reason.

These hands…so much better than the articulated hands of the Jazwares figures. Despite having trigger fingers, Funk Ops doesn’t come with a gun of any kind, but if you were to give him a gun from one of your other figures, he will have no problem holding it.

For accessories, the Hasbro stuff is notably lighter in quantity than the Jazwares, but I really don’t mind it. I’ve ended up with bags and bags of stuff I’ll more than likely never use, so the lesser amount doesn’t bother me.

He comes with a spiked disco ball mace. It’s exactly the type of weapon a guy like this would carry. Even if he came with a gun, I think the novelty of whacking people across the head with a disco ball would overshadow anything that goes pew pew.

His back-bling backpack thingie might be the first instance of one of these items being useful outside of just something random to go on his back. It’s a boom box, which of course looks completely at home on his back, but it can actually be used as…a boom box. It looks great held at his side, or mounted on his shoulder like he just wandered off the set of an 80s movie. He’s about five seconds away from getting into get in a sound-off with Radio Raheem. Which he will definitely lose, unless Radio runs out of m*********ing D-batteries.

He also comes with a little disco grenade. When it explodes, it no doubt causes a disco inferno. In a situation so ironic you can probably taste it, he can’t really hold it well, because his hands aren’t articulated.

That’s a worthwhile trade-off.

Funk Ops isn’t too crazy as far as Fortnite characters go, but he fills a void as far as funk/disco themed characters go, and that big disco ball melee weapon adds to the appeal.

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