Fortnite Victory Royale Series Deo and Siona Review

Hasbro’s Fortnite line expands the ways to collect with the new Deo and Siona two-pack. The game often has a male and female skins that play off the same theme, so it’s nice to get them both in one two-pack. Let’s take a look!

The set is packaged similarly to the single figures with little windows showing off the figures and a lot of room for graphics. I do like the more eco-friendly packaging, but it seems to me you could cut it down even smaller based on all the empty space inside the box.

The figures come with two packs, two harvesting tools, two rifles and two helmets with removeable fish bowl masks.

Both packs have a moon theme, which fits in with the overall astronaut theme of these two. The larger one has a clear plastic covering that is supposed to give the impression that the moon is hovering in some sort of energy field, but it’s not entirely convincing. The smaller one is intended for Siona, but they work on either figure.

There are two harvesting tools including a moon-rock themed shooting star staff and two smaller dual wielding tools called Vizion Strikers. The Vizion Strikers have the same sort of honeycomb texture on the blades as the helmet visors and have a cool sci-fi feel to them.

The helmets are two pieces with an orange metallic piece that pops into the collar of the figure and translucent light green that plugs into tabs on the orange section. In the game the greenish bubble part looks a bit more like a force field to me than a physical bubble. It’s a little more translucent in the game than the pieces here. Hasbro added the honeycomb texture to the bubble which looks really cool, but does make it a little tough to see through. I noticed that the bubble piece on Siona is a little cloudier than the piece on Deo. Both helmets do swivel.

They also come with a submachine gun and an assault rifle. These also look like the are right out of the game though the barrel on the tan assault rifle has a bit of a droopy barrel because the plastic is pretty soft. It might have been cool to paint these with a character matching wrap color to make these more unique to this set.

Sculpting is very nice and captures the detail and vibes of the two characters really well. Articulation is pinless, but a bit of a mixed bag. Deo is more articulated than Siona with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Ball and socket neck, head, mid-torso, and waist
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel biceps, thighs and mid-ankle
  • Butterfly hinged pecs

The head and neck ball joint combo gets some really impressive tilt movement as does the waist ball joint. The double knees only get slightly better than a 90 degree bend and the elbows double up really well, but the cuts are pretty awkward looking. It kind of reminds me of the recent Legends Red Skull. Nice movement, but it can look a little weird.

The hips don’t want to kick straight out and you have to move the leg outward to the side to get it to make 90 degrees. I like the inclusion of butterfly joints, but since there isn’t much clearance in the chest, the figure can’t get much cross body movement. Siona is more limited with:

  • Ball and socket neck, head, and mid-torso
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double jointed knees
  • Butterfly hinged pecs

Siona does get better than 90 degree bend in the knees, but the elbows are just 90. The pec hinge is there, but really doesn’t move much at all. She also doesn’t want to rest her arms at her sides all the way, but gets crazy good head movement.

Paint is pretty solid and the clean detail work and bright white suits match the source material well. I think there is a slight misaligment to the face printing on my Siona’s lips and Deo’s eyebrows that I can’t see in person, but pops up in a close-up photo. I especially like their bright green hair and the fade on Deo’s undercut. Overall, I’m really pleased with these two and dig the overall space-man vibe. I’ve just become a fan of the Fortnite character design aesthetic over the years, so I want it all, but I feel like these two could fit into a variety of displays or photo scenarios.

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