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Chaos Agent is the first figure from Hasbro’s acquisition of the six inch Fortnite license from Jazwares that I’ve opened. While I will be sad to see Jazwares go, I’m just glad that there will be a steady stream of new Fortnite figures on the horizon, because it remains a constantly surprising line.

The Chaos Agent has something that will always grab my interest: a gas mask. I don’t know what it is about gas masks on action figures (or gas masks in general) but they always look simultaneously creepy and cool. You throw a gas mask on a figure and I’m twice as likely to want to buy it than if there were no gas mask. Probably why I want a figure of the Miner from My Bloody Valentine.

Everything that was cool about the Jazwares figures continues with this Chaos agent. You’ve got a completely original sculpt, great double jointed articulation and a few accessories. Granted there are a bit fewer accessories than you would get with Jazwares, but at minimum you still get the back-bling, the primary weapon and the melee weapon.

The best thing—and if you’ve read any of my reviews of the Jazwares Fortnite figures you should know what’s coming—is that the articulated hands that plagued ever single Jazwares figure are gone, replaced by permanently gripping hands that HOLD THEIR FRICKIN WEAPONS. The Chaos Agent can actually hold his gun snugly in his hand. He can hold his melee weapons. Nothing falls out. I loved the Jazwares stuff, but the hands were by far the supreme weakest point, and that has now been eradicated and it makes all the difference.

It’s even better since this dude only has two fingers and thumb on each hand. It would have been a nightmare to get him to hold anything before.

The articulation is mostly excellent. He has a very scrawny physique, so that coupled with the double joints means that he gets deep, deep knee and elbow bends and a great split. There is a crunch under his jacket that you can get a little bit of motion from, but there won’t be a large amount of movement there. The waist swivel works very well regardless.

The hoses on the gas mask attach to his back, so his head is somewhat limited in its ability to turn.

The Agent is mostly black with a few touches of red at his tie, handkerchief and cuffs, along with some silver and red on his gas mask. There is a little red slop on his helmet that I should be able to clean up, but otherwise there’s not much in the way of paint.

For accessories, he comes with his machine gun, a melee weapon that looks like a scythe with a crow-head blade or something, and an oxygen mask backpack. Again, he does come with less accessories than your standard Jazwares Fortnite figure, but for me it’s less stuff to go into a bag and never be used, so it doesn’t bother me.

A changing of the guard is always a worrisome thing, but it looks like the Fortnite license is in good hands for now. With a few peeks into what’s coming up, I’m looking forward to continuing to grow the collection.

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