Fortnite Victory Royale Series Bushranger Review

I’m really enjoying the Victory Royale figures from Hasbro, but I have been missing my more lighthearted characters. Well, Bushranger solves that problem for me pretty quick adding a massive jolt of cuteness to the collection. Let’s take a look!

The box has a really pretty illustration on the front, a contents list on the dented corner, a nice 3D render on the back, and Bushranger fills up the tiny little front window nicely.

Bush Ranger comes with a rifle, two harvesting tools, and a beehive pack. The harvesting tools are called “Honey Hitters” and are basically machetes with a bit of golden honey on the blades. It’s all one piece and the “honey” is gold paint rather than a translucent material, but it does a decent job of selling the honey effect.

The pack is called Buzzy Bag and looks like a beehive with a little bit of that golden honey dripping out which just makes me think of Winnie the Pooh. You don’t know how hard it has been to not spell it “hunny” this whole time. The peg is long enough so the pack fits on there securely

The rifle fits pretty well in the hands, though the trigger finger is a pretty tight fit. The gun is one solid piece of fairly soft plastic and fortunately the barrel of the rifle is short enough that it isn’t warped. The strap doesn’t have much give which wouldn’t really matter since the arms are so thin, but the shoulder leaves get in the way of a solid over the shoulder hold. You can fake it by wedging the gun strap between the arm and the body.

The sculpting on this little tree dude is fantastic and captures the game character design perfectly. I recall from the last fan presentation that they are able to use the digital character files to start and comparing the figure to the model, I can believe that because the knobbly tree limbs, leafy body, and cute little hedgehog face details are spot on.

The paint is good with some clean work on the face and in the darker spots of the “bark” limbs. They did a nice job adding a light overspray to the leaves around the face and darker sprays for the leafy skirt that adds a dimension to the thing. These toys could always use a little more washes and oversprays for my taste, so the greens on the leaves in particular stand out to me.

Bushranger has good articulation with:

  • Swivel/hinge abs, shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles
  • Swivel biceps, thighs, and calves
  • Double-hinged knees and elbows
  • Ball and socket waist and head

The articulation is good, but the head movement is restricted by the leafy mane and the hips somewhat by the leafy skirt. The skirt doesn’t hinder movement as much as I was anticipating (I was worried about traffic cone effect) but he’s not a good sitter and can’t kneel down on one knee. I wish there was a slit up the sides of the lower skirt to allow for a bit more forward leg motion.

The wrists have a horizontal hinge and I think I would have preferred the right wrist to have a vertical hinge for rifle aiming poses. The leafy torso is two pieces with the swivel/hinge ab under the upper piece and the ball and socket waist below the skirt. It reminds me a little of how the Chewbacca Black Series figure works, but this is a little better because the plastic overlays are thinner and more pliable.

Overall this is an excellent figure. There are some articulation limitations due to the character design, but the figure does a great job of capturing the whimsical charm of that design. And I am fully charmed. I love my little tree buddy.

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