Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Pre-Order – UPDATE – Fwoosh

Rather than a crowd funding campaign Big Bad Toy Store is doing an exclusive pre-order event!

As the sales progress more characters will be unlocked! The event started earlier this month and many of the stretch goals have already been unlocked. You can now pre-order waves 1 – 3 including Redwing and The Cat. If sales continue to grow you can unlock more characters like El Toro, designed by Amaro Studios! If you want to secure your order, it’s best to get it in now at BBTS.

BBTS will be ordering extra stock and will keep orders open for a while, but we are finalizing our production numbers by the end of October. This means once those numbers go in they are set and we won’t be making any more. So it’s best to get your pre-order in now to guarantee you’ll get the figures you want. Remember BBTS does not charge you till your item ships.

Pre-Order Now: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/brand/EagleForce

Kiloworg has been unlocked!

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