Disney ReAction Vintage Collection Hawaiian Holiday Mickey and Friends

The old Disney shorts are some of my favorite cartoons in the celebrated history of the House of Mouse, and with their ReAction line, Super7 continues to celebrate those classics.

The first ReAction wave featured a smattering of characters across a variety of shorts. With this second assortment however, the full wave is set around a single short – the beloved Hawaiian Holiday. An early favorite, this 1937 island tale brings the core cast of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy together in celebration of Walt Disney’s love for the Pacific tropics.

Adorned in their bathing suits and grass skirts, the classic big four also bring their guitars, ukuleles, and surf boards as requisite accessories. I remember thinking that themed waves for these shorts would work well, and even timed releases depending on the time of year could easily work due to the variety of themes from the shorts. So, Hawaiian Holiday is perfect for these summer months.

Overall, I think Mickey and Minnie are the two strongest figures in this series. Minnie does not include and accessory, but her memorable moments are spent hula dancing, it makes sense. As this is ReAction, I didn’t expect Mickey to be able to pose playing his guitar as he is not pre-posed to do so, but he can hold it as you can see. I actually like these two just together and Mickey passes as a decent “standard” Mickey for that era as he is not adorned with any specific dressings to the HH short.

Donald comes in third as he is a fine figure, and I am certainly biased to the character. Everything from the neck down on him is great, and I love the grass skirt piece, and it is highlighted by his duck tail sticking out the back. Now, he does have a nice portrait, but to me, it skews MUCH more modern and not as closely to his earlier look in this particular short. I like it, but I think it could have been more accurate to the source.

Goofy rounds out the wave, and I think he has the best moments from the cartoon. That said, he is probably a little too short here (or everyone else is a little too tall) like the previous wave’s version, and off of the surf board (with its foot peg) he is difficult to stand. He looks great, but I have to rank him lower than the rest due to his size and standing issues.

I am an ULTIMATES! guy first for sure, but I think ReAction is the perfect format to bring these classic shorts to life. Hawaiian Holiday is prefect for July, and hopefully we will see something like Lonesome Ghosts for autumn, and then Pluto’s Christmas Tree for the holiday season. These are now available for order directly from Super7.

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