Blitzway/5Pro Studios Inspector Gadget – Fwoosh

Go Go Gadget Action Figure.

When you buy a lot of toys, it becomes harder and harder to pick the best one out of an entire year. But as always, there has to be one that comes out on top…at least for the purposes of an article. This year was especially hard because of two figures in particular: Thanos and Ultron.

Both were classic versions of characters that I have been waiting for since the beginning of the line. Both were excellent. Both could have been here.

The GI Joe classified line delivered a lot of great figures. The Pulsecon Zartan could have been here. The BAT came in just under the 2021 wire and could have made it.

So much TMNT stuff could have been here. NECA and Super7 have been kicking mucho asso on that front.

The Transformers Kingdom Galvatron is the first Galvatron figure I have ever owned, and it is completely fantastic, making this Transformers: The Movie lover very happy.

There is a lot more. A lot. But Inspector Gadget, who came out very early in the year, managed to leapfrog over all of them. The reason is that he is quite simply everything he needs to be to capture that very specific classic cartoon character vibe. His articulation—considering he’s a guy in a trenchcoat—is excellent. His accessories—the Go Go Gadgetry that makes him him —is abundant. His aesthetic is dead-on. It’s a cel come to life.

The only action figure representation I’ve had of Gadget was the 12-inch Galoob figure. It was a Christmas present from my parents and I loved it. I never had much hope that he would get anything close to a modern action figure. He’s far too niche a property, I thought. But then Blitzway and 5Pro Studios came along and made an incredible figure. Despite all the other figures that came out this year, Inspector Gadget’s greatness could not be denied, and nothing else could unseat how uncannily accurate the figure is to his on screen counterpart. When something like that happens, it’s a little bit of magic, and it deserves my pick as the Best of 2021.

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